Auburn "holds on" in Manhattan (Track 'Em Tigers)

Written by Cole Locascio

My instincts told me that I should be worried. Primetime game, on the road in unknown territory, against a relatively unknown opponent, along with a key loss in safety Jermaine Whitehead – it was set up for failure from the start. But who knew our troubles wouldn’t come on defense, but instead on the offensive side of the ball?

Let’s start with a positive note, shall we?
Ellis Johnson and the Tigers’ defensive front managed to hold the Wildcats to just 40 yards on 30 carries in last night’s matchup – an impressive feat to say the least. Especially considering the Tigers were forced to contain QB Jake Waters all night, as he posed a serious threat to tuck the ball and run for a quick draw play due to his bulky frame and overall ability to make plays happen with his feet.

Defensive Player of the Game: Trovon Reed
In what was, in my opinion, his best game in an Auburn jersey, Trovon Reed looks as if he’s finally found his role on the team – and I’m thrilled for the kid, I truly am. The senior receiver turned cornerback was assigned to cover one of the top wide-outs in the nation for a good portion of the night in Tyler Lockett, and for the most part, he played lights out, as Lockett only managed to record 45 of the Wildcats’ 245 yards through the air on the night. An interception by Reed in the fourth quarter proved to make the difference for the Tigers’ defense, as the following Auburn drive resulted in a key field goal from Daniel Carlson to give the Tigers a 20-7 lead.

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