Week 2 CFB Predictions - RESULTS


 #12 Florida @ Miami (FL)  - WRONG!

Prediction: Florida W 28-24  

I expected so much more from this game, but reminded me of our 2008 game against Tennessee. Florida's time of possession should've been more than enough to get a W, as the Gators had the ball for 38 minutes. I was taking a look at some power rankings, and in almost all of them, Tennessee is ranked ahead of Florida this week. The Gators really haven't had a consistent quarterback since Tebow. Muschamp might not be the answer, guys!

Actual: Miami W 21-16

#14 Notre Dame @ #17 Michigan  - Correct

Prediction: Michigan W 34-21

I didn't catch most of this game since I was in Jordan-Hare for the night, but I did see Michigan's quarterback wearing #98 in tribute to former Wolverine Heisman winner, Tom Harmon. Quite unusual, but a very cool moment nonetheless. 

Actual: Michigan W 41-30

Washington State @ #25 USC  - Winner, winner...chicken dinner!

Prediction: Washington State W 45-41

I don't want to say I told you so, BUT I told you so. Now, the score was just a bit off, but I am still right, and at the end of the day...that's all that matters! But seriously, this game was a huge boost for Auburn's strength of schedule since we beat Wazzu last week. Keep an eye on Mike Leach and the Cougars this season...they might actually make a bowl game.

Actual: Washington State W 10-7

#6 South Carolina @ #11 UGA  - Correct (Sadly...)

Prediction: UGA W 41-35

I knew it was coming. South Carolina had no business being in the top 10, and it showed last Saturday. UGA's offense is going be extremely tough to beat, but...just like I predicted before the season, their defense is flat out terrible. Aaron Murray is going to have a tough work load this fall, as he will need to outscore almost every opponent he faces. That UGA/LSU game just got a whole lot more interesting...

Actual: UGA W 41-30