AUHD Tunnel/Inspirational Videos

One of the many reasons as to why Auburn is so great is the fact that we have our own video production department in AUHD. The material these folks put out is just terrific, and it's not just for football. They cover every single sport and they do it in professional fashion. On Saturday, they unveiled this year's intro videos. In my previous post I mentioned how the last two year's versions have been pretty lackluster, so I was hoping for something much bigger and better this year. I was not disappointed... 

Tunnel Video 

 When I heard the song for the tunnel video on Friday night, I was not a happy camper. AUHD decided to use Fall Out Boy's "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark". I mean, nothing screams hard nosed football like droning punk/emo music...amirite? But on Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised...the song actually fit the video very well and turned out to give me goose bumps. The video features A LOT of Malzahn from his press conference after being hired back in December.

Two lines in particular stick out to me in this being "We're going to play championship football and have FUN doing it." Not many people, coaches especially, bring fun into the equation with a football team, but with a spread offense, it's supposed to be fun...for the players AND fans. The last line of the video is pretty intense as well, "Buckle up...this is Auburn football." I like the addition of the buckle up, since it is the Gus Bus after all. 


Inspirational Video

AUHD went with the typical format for their intro videos, meaning the tunnel featured more of a pump up/pop song while the inspirational/on-field video featured a classical piece to run through the football program's history. The beginning of this year's edition features a nice piece from Pat Dye's speech before the Iron Bowl in '89. Also featured is the late and great Jim Fyffe with multiples of his legendary "TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!" calls.