War Damn Rant - It's Just A Game

Each Thursday, I will be posting a weekly rant that basically consists of various topics that grind my gears around the college football nation....and yes, with Auburn included. 


The first rant of the week comes from Jordan-Hare, during the pre-game starting lineups. I really don't care how badly a student-athlete is no scenario should you ever boo one of our own players. Personally, I don't see a point in boo'ing the other team, let alone our own. These kids are busting their tails every single day in order to bring you their highest level of football. Jake Holland is not just playing for himself and his future; he is playing for you, and the university. A few boos were scattered around the general seating areas, but the majority, from what I could here, came from the student section. Are you guys kidding me? Those kids are your peers, your classmates, and they work much harder than most of you...and for what? To make you happy by racking up wins, so show some appreciation. Frankly, when you boo a kid over a game, it comes across as an embarrassment to not only you, but the university as a whole. With Kris Frost's suspension for the first half this week, Jake Holland will be starting once again. This time, let's show him the love and maybe...just maybe, we'll be able to pull Jake and the rest of the Tigers through for a victory.

Birmingham News - Front Page

Birmingham News - Front Page

 Wednesday of this week, as most of you know, was the twelfth anniversary of 9/11. Facebook pages not even slightly related to the incident showed their deepest regrets and tributes to the tragic acts of terrorism against this beautiful country. However, I did see one page not mention the events, and instead, had the audacity to speak about another "important event" that falls on September 11th....the late Bear Bryant's birthday. Alabama's official athletics page thought of a perfect way to honor the Bear on his hundredth birthday by instructing all of their fans to share and change their profile pictures to a hounds-tooth hat to commemorate his birthday....on 9/11. In other news, quite literally, the Birmingham News added a big fat picture of Bear to their front page with news of Syria coming on the bottom fold of the paper, and the 9/11 tribute not even shown on the front page. There comes a point, for the Facebook page and newspaper, where football needs to be placed to the side in order to properly honor those lost in what was the most horrifying terrorist attack in America. The events of September 11th, 2001 should take complete precedence over a coach who has been gone for thirty question about it. The post, if you were wondering, has since been deleted after the backlash from various social media outlets ridiculing and questioning the decision making of the Gumps' athletic department. 

As much as we love to believe is just a game. I come to Auburn, not just to watch a football game, but to be a part of something much bigger. Auburn, Alabama is my second home, and a place where you can push worries aside, breathe in the cool fall air, and share the same love as 87,450 other people. Sure, it makes everything easier when we win, but even when we lose, we need to take the defeat with class and unity. We are not that school out west...we believe in Auburn and love it. I leave you with the wise words of our own Bo Jackson, "Other schools, they love their sports, but here at Auburn....we love Auburn." 

War Eagle,

Cole Locascio