AUHD Tunnel Video Song Ideas...

The wait is almost over...gameday is tomorrow. Can you believe it? The wait from November 24th to August 31st has been a painfully long one, but in the should all be worth it. With a new season, a new video from AUHD has to come with it, and hopefully it will be better than the ones in the past couple of years. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of the rap game...I can handle classical/orchestral music from Hans Zimmer, but rap? Not for me. Here are a few songs that would like to hear before the team comes through the smoke...

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

You had to expect this one to be on the list, so I'm putting it first to get it out of the way early. This is a song that everyone and their mother knows, so I think this song would get the most immediate response from the crowd...might not be the best, but it will be the most immediate. The line "Welcome to the new age..." is also fitting with it being a "New Day" and all, so that gets bonus points in my book.

Elevation - U2

 This song will hold sentimental value with me, as U2 was the first band I ever heard when I was a toddler. Riding around in my Dad's BMW listening to "With or Without You" were much simpler times, and I never want to forget them. Elevation has the potential to be a great intro song if used correctly, and U2 is meant to be played in big stadiums/arenas, so it would sound huge and boomy in Jordan-Hare. 

Do or Die - 30 Seconds to Mars 

Ok, so hear me out on this one...I do not want this as the tunnel video. The tunnel video needs to be a song that's fast paced, loud, and bass heavy. This song falls under none of those categories, but it does however have an inspirational feel to it, especially in the chorus. So my thinking is that Auburn should use this in a different gameday video...just not the tunnel video. I mean, they already tried this band for the tunnel video in 2011, and that one didn't work out so well...just look at the comments on this video. 

Bulls on Parade - Rage Against The Machine

This song has the potential to create another classic tunnel video. When I think of this song and what they could do with it, I'm reminded of the "Ladies and Gentlemen" video from the Tuberville days. This song describes some serious hard nosed football with an in your face and angry styled riff. 

Icky Thump - White Stripes

I'm actually surprised that I don't hear this song more often with other school's gameday videos. From start, with the thumping of the bass drums, to finish, with the last guitar riff, this is what a pump up song is all about. This song is exactly what this team needs; it just has this punch you in the mouth kinda feel to it. The team would appreciate it, the fans would appreciate it, and it would take Jordan-Hare's atmosphere to a whole different level.