Written by Cole Locascio


Uncertainty comes to mind when I think about this coming weekend. I've never been to the Alabama game. Sure, I'm only sixteen, but even with all of the places I've traveled for games -- Baton Rouge, Oxford, Tampa, Knoxville, Nashville, Athens, Los Angeles, Phoenix -- you'd think that I would have attended not only Auburn's biggest rivalry game, but the biggest in the country, the world, in all of sports... the Iron Bowl. 

I'll tell you what I understand. I understand the historical meaning behind Army-Navy, the northern pride of Ohio State-Michigan, and the pissing contest between oilers that is Oklahoma-Texas. But nothing, not a game in the world, comes close to the intensity, sheer fury, and pure hatred that the Iron Bowl displays not only on the field, but more importantly, off the field, too. 

"It's just a game." Not down here it ain't. College football is a way of life -- a religion. Sure, it may seem silly to some, but this is the fuel for our bodies, it's what keeps us going throughout the week -- just knowing that we'll be rewarded with football at the end of a hard week's work. We look forward to the end of summer, because with it comes kickoff, a new season, a chance at repeat, or in Auburn's case, redemption.

Now, what I'm uncertain about. I've learned to stop "expecting" from Auburn, because the second you do, a new swing will swipe you across the face, good or bad. Let's be honest, nobody in their right mind expected anything more than 8-4, and at best, a 9-3 record out of our Tigers this season. In Chizik's final year, aside from the cupcake FCS games, I passed the gates of Jordan-Hare for every game, and expected to lose. The feeling had grown numb, and Auburn fans had gotten used to the beatings by season's end. While I'm still young, I understand that the product that was placed on the field last season was not Auburn football. I couldn't wait for the season to end, and when the headline appeared that Coach Chizik was fired, I celebrated at another man's defeat. Gus has changed that... even in a year. Auburn will be playing Alabama with championship implications on the line. #1 versus #4 -- How un-freaking-believable is that? 

Now, I honestly have no idea what the outcome on Saturday will be. Sure, we'll probably lose, but isn't that the beauty of it? Just having the opportunity to perform on the field, to play the game, and to hope. Coach Malzahn has given the Auburn family a reason to come to the games, a reason to support the Tigers, and a reason to believe, no matter how small it is, that we will win. It's not up to us -- the fans. All we can do is scream our butts off on Saturday, and hey, even if we lose... Bammers know. We comin'. May not be this year, may not be next, but I assure you, the future shines orange and blue, fearless and true. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger.