SEC Power Rankings - Week 5


1.   Alabama (4-0) 

Although there are some glaring weak points for this Tide team, I can't rank them anywhere other than the top....for now. Only four games into the season, it's pretty obvious that this year's crew is inferior to Saban's past championship teams. Can this young squad add another championship to St. Nicky's resumé?

2.  Georgia (3-1)

A win this past weekend against the Bayou Bengals was exactly what this team needed. Hype levels in Athens are through the roof, and that should be enough to carry the Bulldogs to an 11-1 record to finish out the year. The east is Georgia's to lose, as the toughest games left on the Bulldogs schedule come against Florida and Auburn. Whether it's Alabama or LSU in the championship game, the Dawgs defense has got to step up. As of right now, Grantham's unit is giving up an average of 32.5 points per game. That is not a championship caliber D. 

3.  LSU (4-1)  

Before the heartbreaking loss to Georgia this week, LSU was tops in the SEC in my mind. A bone crushing rushing attack, with (un)suspended running back Jeremy Hill, underperformed dramatically against the Dawgs this weekend, as Hill only gained 86 yards on a whopping 21 carries. The Tigers need to gain a little consistency on the offensive side of the ball if they want to knock off the Crimson Tide later in the year.

4. Texas A&M (4-1)

I was so close to sticking South Carolina ahead of the Aggies, only because of the fact that this Texas A&M defense is flat out terrible. A close game against Arkansas this past weekend brings up two possible questions. Is this Arkansas offense better than people predicted, or is this A&M defense just that bad? Right now, from what I've seen this year, I'm picking the latter. 

5. South Carolina (3-1)

Not a good weekend for the Ol' Ball Coach. Playing away, UCF gave the Gamecocks quite a scare this weekend, as it took an early 10-0 deficit to wake up a slumping South Carolina team. Sure, they got the win, but at what cost? Carolina lost one of the SEC's best quarterbacks in Connor Shaw, as he suffered a shoulder sprain on just the first drive of the game. After a game against Mark Stoops and Kentucky this week, the Gamecocks will travel to Fayetteville to take on a sprouting Arkansas team. I'm sure Spurrier would love to have his starting quarterback for that one...

6. Florida (3-1)

Maybe the injury to former starter, Jeff Driskel, wasn't such a bad thing. Backup QB Tyler Murphy has stepped up in a pretty significant way the past two weeks. Against Kentucky this weekend, the junior only threw three incompletions, and led the Gators to a 24-7 victory in Lexington. Things are finally starting to look up in Gainesville...too bad an injury to the starting quarterback had to spark it.  

7. Auburn (3-1)

We'll know a lot more about the Plainsmen after this week's game against Ole Miss. After a brutal first half against LSU, the Tigers came out strong in the second, and no matter how much the (other) Tigers beat them down, Auburn came back, drive after drive, fighting until the end. It will be interesting to see what Gus Malzahn draws up against a Rebel team that is vulnerable to the big play. 

8. Ole Miss (3-1)

Right now, Auburn and Ole Miss are pretty even on my chart. I gave the nod to Auburn because of a better looking defeat to a top 10 team...and yes, a little bias, as well. The Rebels took a pretty big step back with a cruddy looking performance against Alabama. Ole Miss allowed 463 total yards of offense against a pretty lack-luster Bama offense, and on the other side of the ball, only gained 205 on offense. This week will be a turning point, for better or worse, as the Rebels take on a fighting Auburn team in Jordan-Hare. 

9. Missouri (4-0)

For some reason, I decided to tune into the second half of the Missouri/Arkansas State game last Saturday. Down 16-14, Mizzou eventually wore down the Red Wolves defense, as the Tigers scored 27 more points to take the W, 41-19. James Franklin (not Vandy's) led the charge, as I was shocked at how quickly the Tiger's work on offense. It's gotta be one of the fastest in the SEC, if not THE fastest. The college football world will get a pretty good grasp at how good this Mizzou team really is, as the Tigers head to Nashville this weekend to take on the other James Franklin at Vanderbilt. 

10. Mississippi State (2-2)

Looks like things on offense are finally clicking for the Bulldogs, as new quarterback, Dak Prescott, has full reign over the State offense now. After taking over the starting job at Auburn, the Bulldogs put up an impressive 62 points on Troy. Bad news for the Bulldogs this week, as they face a very angry LSU team coming off a tough loss to the real Bulldogs.

11. Vanderbilt (3-2)

A last minute loss to Ole Miss to start the season really set this team's confidence and hype level back a step. It should all be downhill for Vanderbilt now. Everyone knows that James Franklin will be leaving soon, if not this year, and no matter how much hype surrounds Vandy, they're still Vandy. 

12. Arkansas (3-2)

Last week, I predicted that Arkansas would lose every single game from this point on...maybe I was wrong. Eh, who am I kidding...Bret Bielema is a joke, and he should've stayed up in Madison. Sure, they played Texas A&M pretty tough this week, but that Aggie defense is complete trash, so 33 points put on them is a pretty average day in the SEC. 

13. Tennessee (3-2)

Knoxville will be set ablaze if the Vols don't reach a bowl game this year, which is a very high possibility considering Tennessee will only be favored in one more game this year...Kentucky. After requiring a 4th and goal stop against South Alabama, Tennessee is staring right into the eyes of a Georgia team on a path to a national championship. Have fun with your cute uniforms this week, Butch...

14. Kentucky (1-3)

It's Kentucky...