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(VIDEO) Gus Malzahn Accepts Foy-ODK Trophy

Written by Cole Locascio

Last night at the "Iron Bowl of Basketball", Gus Malzahn and the 2013 Auburn Tigers football team accepted the Foy-ODK trophy, which is presented to the winner of the Iron Bowl, the matchup between Auburn and Alabama. 

The presentation began with a highlight video of the 2013 game, which of course ended with Chris Davis' 109-yard field goal return, to a standing ovation from the crowd. Gus Malzahn would then stand front-and-center to the Auburn Arena crowd to accept the Foy-ODK trophy for the first time in his career as head coach. The Alabama SGA president was not able to make the trip due to "weather conditions" (excuses, excuses), as it is tradition for the SGA president of the losing team's school to sing the fight song of the winning team's school. Don't worry, we can wait for the ice to clear.

Gus Malzahn praised the fans, the athletic department, and most importantly... the players, as he said, "They helped us win a lot of games toward the end, obviously the Iron Bowl was big. And I'm here to tell you, this trophy, it's going to be around here a while. War Eagle."

Video from Bryan Matthews and AuburnUndercover.com